When you prepare to sell your home, your realtor might suggest that you make certain changes or you might decide that improvements and renovation should be made in order to increase the value of the property before you sell. When renovating your home to sell with a realtor, think of every transaction as an investment. Rather than skimping on the paint and buying the cheap but poor quality one, or the dull and poorly manufactured tiles, invest in long term lifespans, high quality, and items which you know will last for decades. 

When renovating your home you must do the following:

  1. Have a plan. 
  2. Work within a budget.
  3. Always get proper permits and approval. 
  4. Be your own project manager.

Have a Plan

Set your milestones for different renovations and various stages therein. You want to have a timeline you can return to each week to double check your progress. Part of this plan should pertain to a budget. You want to set a realistic budget so that you can ensure you are not exceeding your limits while you work. It is recommended that you have a budget, and a 10% buffer after you have calculated the average costs. 

On that note, be sure to avoid spending more than your potential profit, if you are renovating for the sake of a future sale. If you are preparing to sell your home, don’t spend $8,000 on a kitchen remodel unless you know you can recoup that cost and then some in the final sale.

Always get proper permits and approval

Remember that council approval for renovations vary in their requirements and the time it takes so you should begin your formal development application and submit any building plans as soon as possible. You never know how long you will be forced to wait, so think ahead and submit everything as early as possible. 

House Renovation

Be your own project manager

You can save money by working as the project manager, or at the very least completing a handful of the minor tasks yourself. When you take on the role of project manager, your main responsibilities will be organizing and coordinating any deliveries, purchases, etc.… 

Never settle for the first price or bid you receive. Whether you are on a tight budget or a limitless one, acting as project manager or not, you should always compare different contractors and different bids. This falls under the auspices of the earlier mentioned planning tip; with proper planning, you can ask for referrals and review portfolios before you hire anyone for any job. 

If you are limited in terms of time or budget, make your kitchen and/or bathrooms your first priority. These rooms should account for the biggest expenses in your remodeling project. Countertops should be the first thing to repair or replace. Cabinets are often highly visible because of their resting place at eye level, so they should be in mint condition through refacing or repainting measures at the very least. 

If possible, seek out second-hand items or refurbish things like your bathtub or floors in lieu of replacing them. This can cut thousands out of your total renovation costs. You can also improve the overall appeal with simple upgrades to existing hardware or fixtures. 

Aesthetics matter. Remember that the exterior and fine interior of the home will go a long way to impress. Curb appeal can help improve your home with something as simple as vinyl siding.

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